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Our Approach

As therapists in Plainfield IL, we work with clients whose concerns include depression, anxiety, stress, anger, conflict management, poor self-esteem, compulsive behavior, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, unemployment stresses, alcohol and other substance abuse issues, psychosis, domestic violence, as well as marriage counseling and family issues.

We practice from what is called a Client-Centered or Person-Centered approach. We believe that each person has within him/herself vast resources for self-understanding, self-development and personal growth. Each person has the capacity to alter self-concepts, basic attitudes and self-directed behaviors. If we can provide a facilitative relationship with certain definable psychological attitudes, the person can tap into these resources. We find this approach to be effective for individuals of all ages, for couples and for families.

Why Choose Us?

Client-Centered Counseling in Plainfield, IL specializes in:

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Marriage Counseling

Couples Counseling

Therapy for Intimacy Issues

Domestic Violence

Therapy for Family Issues

Conflict Management

Identity Issues Counseling

Poor Self Esteem

Addiction Therapy

Behavior Therapy

PTSD Counseling

Substance Abuse Counseling

Career Counseling

Grief Counseling

Personality Disorders


Stress Management

Anger Management

Depression Therapy

Counseling for Anxiety

Eating Disorder Therapy

Panic Attacks Psychotherapy

Compulsive Behavior

Sleep Disorders

What our clients are saying...

"Dr. Ted Welsch has been my therapist for over three years. He is a man of great empathy, patience, wisdom and intelligence. I feel respected by him and have been allowed, within the therapy relationship, to take my time gaining trust, having come to him, originally, with several serious problems. Through the therapy process, my understanding of myself and my work and relationship issues have grown, strengthened and largely stabilized. I highly recommend Dr. Welsch. " 

- L. Shapiro